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Undergraduate Courses

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Social and Political Philosophy

This course will provide an introductory exploration of the field of social and political philosophy, which grapples with questions about the nature of society, power, justice, and the state. It will offer a critical examination of the foundations of social and political theories, as well as the values that guide them, and it is designed for students with an interest in understanding the underlying foundations of modern political systems and the ways in which these foundations shape our contemporary world. The course will be divided into two main parts. The first part (weeks 1–7) will focus on modern political philosophy, which revolves around questions involving the justification of the state, the concept of natural rights, the role of private property, and various forms of government. We will examine the social contract theory of the state and the early socialist and anarchist critiques of this theory. The second part of the course (weeks 9–15) will delve into contemporary issues in social and political philosophy, building upon the critical approaches opened up by the socialist critics and expanding them to include issues such as class, gender, sexuality, race, coloniality, and ecology. We will examine the ways in which these issues intersect and shape our understanding of social and political dynamics. Students will be encouraged to engage in critical thinking and analysis, and to apply the ideas and theories discussed in class to contemporary situations. This course has no prerequisites.

Loyola University Chicago, Fall 2023. 

Loyola University Chicago, Spring 2023. View syllabus.

Philosophy and Persons

Loyola University Chicago, Spring 2024.

Short Courses

Zotero para pessoas de humanas

Online, July 2021